With more storage, better graphics, and smoother gameplay, Xbox Series S, the new-gen of video game consoles is already running out of stock. This $300 console is better than its predecessors. It is not just the price tag of this console that has caught the attention of buyers. Its size and distinctive features have made it a cutting-edge console.

Before you decide to go big and buy Xbox series X right away because, well, it has more storage and a few other perks, we want to tell you why you’re better off using Xbox Series S with your Charter Internet or any other internet plan.

 Xbox Series S Features

Before beginning, here’s a comparison of the features of Series S and Series X:

 FeaturesXbox Series SXbox Series X
CPUZen 2 8-core CPU @ 3.6 GHz (3.4 GHz with SMT)Zen 2 8-core CPU @ 3.8 GHz (3.6 GHz with SMT)
GPU4 Teraflop12 Teraflop
Storage (after the cut of the operating system)400 GB802 GB
Optical DriveNoYes
Upscales other Xbox/360 titlesYesYes (at higher resolutions than S)
One X enhancements for Xbox One titlesNoYes
Game Pass capableYesYes
Quick ResumeYesYes

Is Xbox Series S Worth Getting?

After reading the comparison above, you might be inclined to buy Series X but why should pay $200 extra when what you’re getting in the S console is just as good? Here is why you might be better off getting the Xbox series S instead:

1. The Price Tag (Of Course)

For avid gamers, money is not everything, but it sure is an important factor to consider when purchasing a new video game system. Xbox Series S is the most affordable of the next-gen consoles. It is even $100 cheaper than the digital PS5.

Naturally, you’ll be paying less for a less powerful video game system. However, the practical differences may be more difficult to see. We will get to these as you read on.

2. You Don’t Need Those Discs Anymore

It’s a nightmare to lose your disc or see it getting scratched. The good news is you don’t have to worry about that anymore because, in Series S, all games go digital. You will be able to down every game and play at your discretion.

If you like maintaining a collection of physical discs, that’s totally fine. However, if a damaged disc is traumatizing for you and you don’t have much room to store them either, Series S has handled that worry.

3. 4K Streaming Is Not Everyone’s Priority

It was certainly disappointing to hear that Series S doesn’t support 4K resolution but hey, let us tell you a secret. If you don’t have a 4K display at home and you don’t plan on buying one for a while, you don’t need a console that features 4K. it’s simple!

Series S runs on 1440p which is higher than 1080p and it is a decent resolution for these would be gaming on their TV sets and gaming monitors. Series S has HDR and 4K upscaling capabilities though.

4. You Will Have Access to the Same Games

Apart from disc-based games, Series S can play all of the same titles that are available on Series X. You won’t be able to play your old discs because S doesn’t feature a disc drive, but you will be able to play all these games, either through your Game Pass subscription or by buying digital copies from the Microsoft store.

The point is that if a new game is released, it will be compatible with both these consoles. So, you don’t have to worry about missing out on a new release or even a classic.

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5. It’s Compact and Takes Less Space

If you always wanted something compact, the Xbox S series would just be perfect. the console is much smaller and lighter than the Series X, so it goes without saying that it will take up less space wherever it is placed. If you play Xbox at your gaming workstation, the Series S will fit perfectly in the corner or beneath your monitor stand.

This game console is 275mm tall and 63.6 mm wide. You will see rubber feet in both vertical and horizontal positions. Just next to the rear ports are the braille bumps for improved accessibility.

6: Don’t Worry About Low Storage Space

While the Series X and S have major hardware differences, in terms of the GPU and SSD, that shouldn’t be the sole reason to dismiss the small console. Series S features Smart Delivery. This ensures that the smaller material (with 1440p max) automatically arrives on your Series S.

While your game won’t have all of the glitz and glam of 4K, it will download faster and take up less space on your console’s internal storage. You can always use the storage extension cards to expand your storage space.

Another cool feature of the S series is Quick resume which allows to quickly switch between games. It suspends the game and saves it to the disk after you switch to another one.

Summing Up

Xbox Series S is one of those consoles that deliver great value for money. Faster frame rates, better load time, and smoother gameplay are a few of the benefits you will immediately experience when switching from Xbox One to S. If you are looking for a budget-friendly upgrade, this console could be a great purchase!