We are going to show you what exactly is Udemy affiliate and how much money you get as an affiliate and the terms and conditions. so first what an affiliate is?

What is an Affiliate?

It’s somebody who refers someone to a product. Udemy is an online Course selling website which provides thousands of courses. So for example, if I am your friend and I referred, and you say to me. Hey, I would like to learn how to create apps for the new iPhone for the new ios. I said oh you know what I took this course that I know is great about this. And here is a link to it. When I sent you to link to this course, and it is 200$.

It is highly rated there are thirty thousand people enrolled. So you know its an excellent course. What happens if you buy that course. I get forty per cent commission by just referring you, and this is the basis of being an affiliate.

Why does Udemy want you as an affiliate?

So why does Udemy want you as an affiliate? And why course owner wants you as an affiliate. Why he is happy to be forty per cent, so the reason why we know this is because not only we are an affiliate and the only our teaching. How to make money as an affiliate, but we are also course creator. So we got the idea for this because of all our courses.

Udemy Affiliate Program

Let us show you a little bit more about what actual program is so if you look Udemy affiliate Page. The page is a bit confusing, to be honest, we kind of read through this there is info, but you think well this is very vague. It says how much money we can make. We offer very competitive commission. More you promote the more you earn. What does it mean? The reason why they keep it vague.

Affiliate marketing can be very confusing, and they dont want people to spam friends or facebook. They want you to know what you are doing. To be professional, so that is why it’s so good that you are in this course. So we can show you exactly how to do it in a very earnest and an effective way. Where you can build trust in the audience, you can make money in a very honest and sincere way. So basically we are going to show you how to sign up as an affiliate.

How to sign up as an Udemy affiliate?

We are going to show you how to get approved as an affiliate and how to find offers that you can promote, how to get your affiliate link so you can get credit for that and then how to promote that. So people will want to buy from your affiliate link and how to get a commission from it. So how much you get paid. There are plenty of methods in promoting udemy courses like text links, deep linking and banner Ads.

First, you will need to Sign up on Rakuten LinkShare. after you get approved as an Udemy affiliate. then you can see what the exact program details are and the reason why they do this is they change it sometimes. So right now the commission is forty per cent and cookie length is Seven days. What does that means if you send your affiliate links? And they click on it even if they dont buy it that day as long as they buy it within the next seven days you will get credit for it.

Which is incredible because what this does is it allows you to know people forget about it. Udemy might target them with ads, and you will still get credit for it if they haven’t clicked anyone else link in next seven days.

Forty per cent is excellent. It is used to fifty per cent and when it came out first. And that’s why they dont write it on the front page because they dont want you to know it used to be higher or lower. Commission rates are Excellent to make huge money by driving traffic from Social media or blog post. This forty per cent may change as well. But Overall it is Excellent Affiliate Program to earn money.

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