Gaming Affiliate Programs

Just as you can participate with game products, software manufacturers and distributors to represent them as affiliate marketers. You also have the opportunity to become an affiliate to numerous gaming device, gaming accessories manufacturers and distributors. Gaming Affiliate programs can be a great way to round out your gaming related website as you work to grow your online gaming business. Following are some Gaming Affiliate Programs with best commissions rates for you to consider and perhaps pursue as you start to build out your new venture.

Amazon Affiliate Program

If you are the owner of Twitch TV network which amazon offers through Amazon prime service. Amazon affiliate program is a natural fit for anyone pursuing this online gaming form of income generation. To sign up as an amazon affiliate which will allow you to market and sell Virtually Every product they market to the public. Go to amazon Associates page to sign up for an account. Once you have an affiliate account with them, it’s easy to find and copy links and advertisements and banners for your website. So you can start selling their products almost immediately.

Please note though that you will get an Amazon affiliate ID on sign up. And most of the link codes they offer come complete with their product advertisements and product information content. Commissions rates are not high when you work with them. But they are without a doubt the most trusted and comprehensive business partner that you can get as you start building out your online affiliate business.

Twitch Affiliate Program

Now let’s say you signed up to become streamer on twitch TV. Twitch allows you to place advertisements for your site, Your products, your services, request donations etc. in an area below where you stream. It would be easy to put the amazon banner or link or ad of another gaming product vendor right on the page. To earn money from followers, you stream live content to them on the channel. Some gaming product vendors have created banners and ad links specifically for twitch tv. You can place on your stream to earn money. And some of them have affiliate program centred directly against the twitch TV network.

If you are popular on twitch, you can gain a higher percentage of affiliate revenues. For example or be eligible to get free products from these advertisers in the form of comps for your marketing efforts. Some advertisers even go so far as to check out your twitch channel to view your content and popularity levels before deciding whether or not to work with you. So you may have to prove yourself first on that platform before you can earn income from certain vendors and manufacturers. But if you qualify this can be a great revenue source for you.

Razer Affiliate Program

Razer affiliate program committed to gaming razer offers a series of gaming-related products. You can earn commissions on such as mice, keyboards, headsets, controllers and more. Razer is a vendor that will check out your website and will determine if they will approve you as an affiliate or not. To be sure to become established online first and be getting steady traffic to your site before approaching the razer affiliate program.

Steel Series Affiliate program

Their Flagship products are gaming headphones, but they do offer other gaming products as well. They pay 8% commission on sales that you bring to them as their standard percentage amount. They have tight rules in place for affiliate applications. You pretty much need to be a recognized streamer, YouTuber or social media personality to be accepted by them. And you also have to be able to display a love for gaming to be allowed on steel series affiliate program.

Control Freak Affiliate Program

Control freak is another one of the best gaming affiliate programs. Control Freak is a maker of gaming controller and other gaming devices. Control freak affiliate program offers a 10% commission structure. But to be accepted as an affiliate, you will need to have at least fifteen thousand social media followers first. You will need to be an active gaming streamer and be able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry to be accepted as a control freak affiliate program.

Sennheiser Affiliate program

Sennheiser, the headphone manufacturer, has an affiliate program for twitch streamers and YouTubers. That offers 6% commissions rates on sales. Sennheiser manufactures the best gaming headset for video gaming. Except for amazon mentioned above, who owns twitch TV these are just a few advertisers that directly targets YouTubers and twitch streamers with their affiliate link. Of course, you can also sign up with more general product vendor organizations to earn income from your channel or website.

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