Smartphone websites have often used these words. The terms renewed vs refurbished are tech terms. Most people think that these terms are interchangeable and mean the same. Other people understand that there is a difference between these two terms. If you have to make a decision between a renewed and refurbished smartphone you should know what these terms mean.

This will help you make a better purchase decision and you can possibly save money by knowing the difference. Let us have a look at what is the difference between these terms and understand how they work.

Difference Between Renewed vs Refurbished

Normally people use the words interchangeably and think it’s fine to do it. There is however no specific defining feature between these two terms. But when we look at them from a different perspective, from a mobile device context then there are some differences. Primarily these terms are used to refer to the process that our device or its parts. Before going back into the market.

When we talk about a renewed device or part the focus is more on replacing or upgrading the parts with the new ones. The parts can be genuine or a third party. The cell phone repair shops, be it an authorized or a third-party repair shop, check these parts for renewal, inspect them and get them tested properly before handing them over to the consumer. This inspection is generally a full diagnostic test and replacement of any part if it is defective before selling it to anyone. People normally get these parts from manufacturers.

Refurbished mobile parts go through a process of repair or restoration before they are sold. The parts of mobile like batteries, screens etc if go through wear and tear then they are repaired and resold into the market. These refurbished mobile parts can match the quality of a new part. A refurbished device is also a returned faulty product that has been restored. Most of the companies provide the same warranty, return policy and after sale services for refurbished devices as they do for new products.

Any device or part of the device that is refurbished undergoes a rigorous process. This process ranges from testing the product and being sure that it is functional.

renewed vs refurbished: Which Is Better?

When there is a debate about a renewed or refurbished product there always comes a question of being you or being equivalent to new. This can be said that a refurbished product is definitely cost-effective but a renewed product means a better and updated device. However, the manufacturing companies take care of everything and make sure that their customers do not have to face any worries even if they get a refurbished or a renewed product.

Should I Buy a Refurbished Mobile Part?

Refurbished parts are definitely a good alternative because you can get them at a discounted price. Most of the repairs still feel that there is a stigma around refurbished parts. However, this is a personal choice that buyers have to make. The repairers can always advise if they are uncertain and let them know about the pros and cons of both.

Pros and Cons


Refurbished mobile phones can help you save a lot. These parts come with the lower price as compared to the new parts. A detailed series of checks and measures is performed on the refurbished parts and there is a guarantee that they will work fine.


You cannot unbox refurbished parts like you can with the new parts. There is a possibility that refurbished parts might have minor scratches or dents on their casing.

Where Do I Purchase Refurbished or Renewed Mobile Parts?

Various manufacturers sell both refurbished parts and new parts for renewing the mobile devices you have. If you begin to explore the range of mobile parts you will see a lot of places offering both new and refurbished parts.


This is a personal preference of the customers, whoever wants to buy a renewed or refurbished smartphone is free to do so. The pros and cons of both parts have been explained in the above article now this depends on the consumer what he wants to go with.