R4 3ds Card

R4 card for Nintendo 3DS is a particular card that allows gamers to enjoy and gives player option to play 3DS games. From a microSD card, you can boot ROMs and homebrew on the Nintendo DS handheld system.

What is R4 card and It’s features?

R4 Card or commonly known as Revolution for DS is a series of flash cartridges that are used for Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS handheld system. The feature lets you run homebrew applications, which further lets you store multiple games on a single memory card and you can enjoy playing games that have been previously backed up by the user.

R4 Card For Nintendo 3DS

Moreover, the original developer of R4 flashcards has stopped producing the R4 cards that play homebrew and ROMs for the Nintendo DS. However, the R4 3DS, R4 Gold, R4 NES, and R4 Dsi have taken the place by a new line of R4 clines. So they are used to play homebrews and ROMs from different Nintendo platforms such as the Nintendo Dsi, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo Dsi XL.

Further, A 3DS boot image can be stored by these cartridges as well. The following are the pros and cons of the R4 card for Nintendo 3DS.

Pros of R4 card

1. Lots of games can be played for free
2. Cheap.
3. It’s a time saver as it downloads the game for DS only.
4. Good interface.

Cons of R4 card

1. Incompatibility factor it there not all games execute.

R4 cards for 3DS games

R4 Cards are efficient and easy when we talk about Nintendo 3D games. R4 3DS which is also known as R4i SDHC 3DS is a clone of the original R4 card. This is the reason behind giving you epic results when you connect the card to Nintendo devices that include Nintendo 2DS consoles, Nintendo-3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS.
The R4 card for Nintendo 3DS games has gained popularity and it is compatible with Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo 3DS. Also, you will be glad to know that R4i SDHC 3DS can support the games that are Nintendo pirated just like the original R4- flashcard. Moreover, the latest version of R4 3DS updates itself automatically when connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

R4 3ds Card

How to use an R4 card on 3DS?

The R4 cards hack your Nintendo 3DS system console to play free games and even other third-party software. But keep in mind that the card can not work itself unless you download kernel or firmware on your 3DS variant or 3DS device. Also, you have to add 3DS games files in your microSD card, then pop up the card in your R4 and you are ready to play the games on R4 card for Nintendo 3DS.

Furthermore, there are other features too besides playing games using this R4 cartridge. Have a look below.

1. You can play nearly all Nintendo DS games.
2. It supports DS homebrews on all DSI, DS, DS Lite, 2Ds, 3DS, 3DS XL, New 2DS XL consoles, and New 3DS XL.
3. You can play music, movie and let users view e-book and photos on Nintendo 3DS.
4. It supports the load, saves, and cheat while playing DS games.
5. It can play GB, GBC, NES, GBA, SNES, and other retro games.

Can I load 3DS games on the R4 card?

For loading the game on R4 Card for Nintendo 3Ds you will need a microSD card. By connecting that microSD card on your computer you can copy the 3DS games file on the card. Then take the microSD card from the computer and pop it up in the R4 cardholder. By inserting an R4 card in any of your Nintendo 3DS devices you will be able to play the 3DS games. Moreover, you can play nearly all Nintendo 3DS games on your Nintendo device by using an R4 card. It is the reason people opt for this card than other cards. Pirated games can also be played on this card. Isn’t it worth buying?

Can R4 Card Play DS as well as 3DS Games?

No, there is a great miss-understanding revolving around. Not all of the cards can play 3DS and DS games. If you wish to play 3DS games on R4 card then the only solution is to Install CFW via R4 only then you will be able to play 3DS games in .cia file. So you have to play quite wisely using the R4 card for Nintendo 3Ds.
The best card among the R4 cards is R4i gold 3DS plus as you can but most of R4 3DS card. The R4i gold plus allow you to play DS games directly and further it let you install CFW to play 3DS .cia file games. From Spain and Italy, you can but the card at cheap rates and from trusted sellers include NXmodifier and Italianmods. We wish you have a great experience with them.

Final Verdict

The R4 card for Nintendo 3DS is appropriate cartilage as it gives you the option to play 3DS games. The process is simple too. All you have to keep some patience to understand it thoroughly. Once you understand how R4 card for Nintendo 3DS works then you will enjoy your gadget. It is the best chance for all the gamers to play 3DS games on their Nintendo consoles and devices. By paying an appropriate price you can enjoy other features as mentioned above. You can play almost all Nintendo DS games by R4 card. All you have to be wise and make complete research which version of R4 card to go for. Once you make the right decision then there will be no hurdle for you to play the 3DS game.

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