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We used OneStream for quite a long time now. Very satisfied with Onestream Live Reviews. OneStream was the professional solution we decided to go with. The system is extremely simple to use it was almost shocking after using obs and trying other services, there is no requirement for software installations or setup. Camera Recording feature stood out for helping out in a pinch when a proper setup couldn’t be arranged

Onestream Live Reviews

Following the benefits we have experienced so far:

  1. Coming from OBS / Wirecast, OneStream is great as it does not require any installations and extremely easy to use.
  2. Easiest uploading via cloud storage: Our videos stored in Dropbox and Google Drive can be uploaded directly loaded to OneStream.
  3. Multiple platforms streaming: We have been scheduling our professional content on Facebook, YouTube, and other custom RTMP streaming destinations.
  4. Advanced features like 360-degree video streaming. Though we have used it only a couple of times, very impressed. Our company plans to use more 360 degree live streams in the future.
  5. Option to remove the streaming video after the stream is over. This has been a powerful feature for streams that we do not want to remain on Facebook or YouTube after the stream is over.
  6. The DVR recording option for YouTube is awesome.
  7. 60 days in advance scheduling. A real-time saver and efficient stuff.
  8. Live streaming history: All live streaming history is accessible very easily from within the dashboard. Hence, possible to organize efficiently.
  9. Live analytics. The only drawback here we see is we cannot access stats for already streamed videos. It is really important sometimes. I hope they include that in the future.

Few Cons of Onestream Live Reviews:

1. You can stream to a social media channel only for 5 mins (free plan). For the basic plan, it’s 15 minutes which, for me, is not enough.

2. You can choose only one channel to stream to. I use Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope. So if I want to stream to all of these platforms, I won’t be able to stream to all of these platforms simultaneously.

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Overall an amazing tool. We have been really satisfied with the tool so far. Hopefully, more features will be available shortly. Highly recommended.


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