Mars of destruction – One of the worst anime of all time

Mars of destruction

The year is 2005 when mars of destruction also known as “hametsu no mars” released, and it was not the worst of years, but most certainly not the best either. Anime releases such as eureka seven kept the hype for anime high, with alternate versions like noein and blood+ in the mix for those with a more refined pallet. It has added along the course with big of three in shounen going strong. Each had just started the year before, one piece goes into its 6th Year, and original naruto is only two years out from having rebooted with the release of Shippuden.

It was a relatively less crucial year, nothing big of game-changing but nothing too drastically horrible. Until of course the release of the anime Mars of destruction.

Worst Anime of all Time

A single OAV production that is not only considered by some to be the worst anime they have ever witnessed. But mars of destruction was so bad it ended the careers of many of the staff members who worked on it. It has a one of the worst anime science fiction story so convoluted it was like trying to deliver the plot to an average 24 episode mech anime in a mere 20 minutes. It is a production that is only noteworthy for one thing, that it animated in the first place.

Thankfully its almost impossible to watch. mars of destruction never been licensed in North America, so no DVDs and even no VHS copies are available. It is not available on any single legal streaming service because it is one of the worst anime of all time.

Mars of Destruction Plot

Mars of destruction

In the long far off the Year of 2010, some guys returning from Mars and burn up upon re-entry to earth’s atmosphere. Due to some mysterious malfunction that is never explained. Shortly afterward, many bizarre events begin to happen on the streets of Tokyo. Apparently because of this martian debris. Next, we see some monsters called ancients attacking the city. There is an elite task force of girls with assault rifles to defend the city. Their job is to fight the ancients.

One of the task force girls gets her head blown off anyways as your reminder that this is a serious and grounded action series. Eventually, though the girls get outmatched and were saved by our protagonist in a skin-tight mech suit wielding a plasma sword.

Protagonist got smacked so hard. We cut to him in the hospital being doted upon by the surviving female soldiers. But nowhere it is explained how the managed to escape. Within five minutes, we are in another fight scene where he once again gets shat on. But eventually, he saves the day because the main female character is in danger. But also because big bad conveniently and standing still for our hero to line sniper shot. Slam it into his torso, “saving the world.” of course after twist where bad guy reveals they were earthlings.

Awakened by the martian debris and humanity itself is the villain. The development of the main character, Takeru consists of two fight scenes where he gets beat up. 

For a lot of productions your mileage did vary, but for a time where we had such samey bland digital character designs like Takeru. They consist of every lousy stereotype from the time. The action scenes could be recreated by the student and 30 minutes in an editing program. Moving characters from one side the frame to the other and saying nothing about the musical score for the show which is even more criminal offense. There is a little original music in this production.

Why Mars of destruction is one of the Worst Anime?

We would rather marathon both SAO and school days back to back without any break. because at least we have some semblance of a satisfying ending. To trick into believing that it was worth it in the end. But in mars of destruction ( hametsu no mars), there is nothing. No reason to watch it all due to no character development of protagonist “Takeru,” no music and no satisfying ending.

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