Ksp Module Manager – 5 Ways to improve Kerbal Space Program


Here is a quick tutorial on how to install Ksp Module Manager for the Kerbal space program. First of all, you’re going to want to get your mod obviously off many of few sites. We prefer getting your mods off the cursed client. We have been using it for years you can go on the forms or lots of places where you get mods so once you get your mod downloaded. You r going to get that into WinRAR or 7-zip file whatever you use.

KSP Module manager

Install KSP Module Manager

The second step we are going to do is we are going to open steam. We are going to right-click on the game. Then go down to properties. After that go over to local files and then click browse local files. That will bring up window now for people downloading mod packs and park packs versus doing a mod like generally.

You would end up doing is putting those parts in the file and internals. We have to install the KSP module manager and mod splash part packs so what we are going to do with those is we are going to hit game data. After that to get files we need because we dont need readme document. Readme document is for those who dont know general information on installing mods or how to contact their creators and stuff like that.

So you dont need that unless you want it so go ahead and drag what you have into here. Generally, you will already have a KSP module manager in there, but after pulling there sometimes, you need the other one to operate. You are going to have the most up to date version already so you might not need it. Over that KSP module manager but basically, that is all there is to download the mod. It just takes about a minute or two. It can get a little tricky sometimes when you get a crap ton of files. That all have to go in different locations but if you pay attention it’s easy to install mods.

How to improve the Kerbal space program

KSP has been out for years at least in early access. There have been updates we got new part a new resource system thermal and aerodynamic physics but at its heart Kerbal space program has stayed very much the same. Build crazy stuff; try to get into space. They explore the area; this is no shape or forms a bad thing. Since we still regard KSP as one of the greatest games ever made. However, there could be some improvements even beyond the upcoming versions update with telemetry and probes. Here are the top five ways to improve the kerbal space program in no particular order, and no multiplayer is not among them.

1- Better performance

The unity five upgrades helped a lot, but you need more to play your style of KSP. You need to able to control multiple ships with more than 500 parts in the same physics frame. we currently feel much constrained in what we build wouldn’t it be significant to construct entire cities in orbit with infrastructure and a lot you could be able to create that to scale star destroyer are always wanted to build

2- Better graphics

Currently, we are delighted with how the combination of Eevee II and scatterer make the game look. Both of them are mods provided by the beautiful KSP Modding community. Having them installed increases crash rate a lot, especially when reverting to the EAB or spaceplane hangar. But wouldn’t KSP look breathtaking if squad put a little more effort into a visual representation.

3- Surface exploration:

We love building rovers, but they are a bit pointless at the moment. Yes, you can drive around. Make cool jumps. Nowadays even do power slides of sorts, but that’s about it if we may offer a suggestion. Take a hint in two other games regarding surface exploration. Firstly no man’s sky with its beacons showing you points of interests. And rewarding you with resources blueprints and like the second one is a pokemon go. Yes, we are talking about egg hatching mechanism of that mobile game. You get rewarded for only moving around the map. Squad rewards us for moving across the surface.

Create a science module that provides increasing numbers of science. The more you drive across the surface of the celestial body. The further away from the kerb in the higher the science points. in career mode give monetary rewards for things like circumnavigating the equator of moon or planet. For reaching the pole with rover make it so that you have to be at least X amount of kilometers away from the pole. So people dont just airdrop rovers on the pole. Just give us something more than hey there you go rover.

4- Boaty McBoatface

What they need to improve is give us at least real boat parts. At least ballast tanks so we dont have to experiment all the time submarines. We have wasted hours trying to make stuff sink.


People always find a way to build stuff in another way that you intended. We are talking about the entire attachment mode mechanism. Currently, the cubic octagonal strut is our go-to part to attach stuff where it isn’t supposed to be connected. Either make any part regularly attachable or give us a part that makes any parts stick anywhere, for instance on wheels.

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