Using your smartphone every day?

But do you know what it carries? If we told you how dirty your smartphone is, you will start washing your phone as often as you wash your hands. There isn’t any time when you are out in public and you do not have your smartphone. You carry it everywhere whether it is grabbing lunch or searching for your credit card in your wallet. It is a common practice that when people go to the washroom, they place their smartphones on top of the toilet paper dispenser. After doing all of this, when you go back to your home via public transport you switch from hand to hand. So this is given that you use your smartphone every time during the day.

How many germs are actually on your phone?

You might not want to face it but your phone repair is a breeding ground for germs. What is more unsanitary and something you should keep in mind is how close you put it to your face or mouth on a regular basis. Scientists found out that your smartphone is 10 times dirtier than most of the toilet seats. Isn’t that gross? Another research found out that the smartphone offers high schoolers can have as many as 17,000 bacterial gene copies in it. Are you ever going to put your smartphone near your face again?

Why do phones get so germy?

People keep their hands clean and wash them multiple times but they neglect their smartphone screens. The reason why your phone has so many germs is that it remains warm throughout the day. You use it all the time but you forget to keep it clean. This warm environment allows the bacteria to grow very easily and the person using it is at a greater risk of getting infected.

These germs on your smartphones can also lead to many skin diseases. It can cause the development of acne and blackheads on your face. When you press your phone against your face while you’re attending a call command the surface of your skin warms up and the pores open up. The bacterium on your smartphone gets into your pores causing skin irritation.

How can you keep your phone clean?

It won’t be wrong if we suggest you wash your phone every day! This is going to eventually stop the spread of germs that becomes the reason for so many diseases and problems your smartphone carries. The phone cleaning kits are available in the market and everyone should get them to clean every Nook and cranny of their smartphones. There are sanitizing stations as well that use UV light to kill the germs. It is unrealistic to tell people that they give up their smartphones if they have to stay healthy because people cannot function without them. but what they can do is, they can be mindful about the things they touch during the day and keep their phone clean.

Some ways to keep it clean

When we say that your smartphone is dirtier you have to keep it in mind and clean your phone regularly. However, only cleaning your smartphone is not necessary over and over with your cleaning kits. You will also have to be mindful of the places you are going to place it throughout the day. Avoid placing your smartphone in random places that you do not know about. They might be unclean or carrying a lot of bacteria on the surface by the touch of several people. This will prove out to be very helpful and your smartphone won’t carry all sorts of germs from all sorts of places.


Be mindful of what you do with your smartphone throughout the day. Cleaning it and keeping it away from the services you are not sure about is very important otherwise it will become dangerous for you and your health. If you place your smartphone, somewhere come on do not pick it up and please sit against your face without cleaning it. If you will take care of all these details, we are sure that your smartphone will be cleaner than many!