Five Phones That We’ll Never Forget

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

Nostalgia is sweet and brings back amazing memories. There was a time when people were not obsessed with technology and everyone used to walk free. Little innovations in the field of technology. meant a great deal to everyone. Today the world has changed, and we do not even get to know about small innovations that take place. Every day people are in a race to prove who is better and who is not.

Everyone has access to technology, and we see every other individual caressing their smartphones and obsessed with them. In the race of technology, they have forgotten that there were phones before iPhones and technologically advanced Android that had their own swag. After going through the list of 80s and 90s. We have found out some amazing phones that people went crazy about. Let us have a look at those smartphones and see what was so amazing about these models, that everyone went crazy about them.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

When car phones were sold in warehouses everyone wanted to wrap their hands around these phones. Everyone wanted these monster mobile phones full. They cost a great deal and Gordon Geckko had it in the movie Wall Street as well. Which made it more famous among the phone lovers. It cost almost $3995 in 1983 but had a laughably low battery life. No one knew at that time that the smartphones that were so not available to everyone will become a part of our everyday lives.

Motorola StarTAC

Motorola smartphones have been most favorite smartphones of all time. People are more obsessed with Motorola handsets in the 90s and early 2000s. This mobile phone was the world’s lightest and smartest phone. Now when we look at it, it seems like the size of a small pasty but when the StarTAC first arrived, everyone got so excited about it. People were amazed about how light and small it was and it cost over a grand at that time, in 1996. The DSM version of the smartphone was a hit at that time . It is said that vibra call a vibrating alert was introduced in this smartphone for the very first time. This Motorola smartphone was a real trendsetter Anne laid down a path for more smart and light designs that eventually led to the iconic Motorola RAZR.

Nokia 7110

Nokia 7110 was released in 1999 and it was a jaw dropping smartphone. It has a spring-loaded slider, and the phone was first seen in the matrix movie. The phone was curvy, a large screen and had a groundbreaking navigation scroll wheel. This was the first WAP phone that introduced all of us to the nascent mobile Internet.

Ericsson T28

Before Walkman and cyber shot phones were introduced in the market, Ericsson T 28 shocked all of us with its super slim, shockingly light and an immensely stylish look. This phone debuted in 1999 and had a flick switch flip mechanism for a Star Trek communicator style mouthpiece activation. Everyone was wowed with the features it had to offer. The phone was a great success and people bought it like hotcakes. It had a cutting-edge design and a metal back panel too. People thought they did not need anything after the launch of the smartphone because it was too stylish to handle.

Nokia 7650

Nokia’s first camera packing phone was Nokia 7650 which was released in Mid-2002. It was a bulky handful phone of 154 gram, but the gadgetry used in this smartphone impressed a lot of people. It had a video camera inside and added a sliding keypad design with a large color display combo. Anyone who had the phone at that time could send endless messages to friends who could view them on their handsets.


Above mentioned smartphones are some of the greatest smartphones of all times. Whenever anyone talks about these smartphones it brings back sweet memories of the days when people were carefree and not so invested in their phones. People still talk about these and do not forget how stylish an innovative they looked when they were introduced in the marketplace.

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