Pokemon was one of the most Popular Anime Shows back there in Fall of the 1990s. It was a massive blockbuster in the United States. This Japanese anime is popular due to its charming Pokemon. Pokemon is an Animal type Creature which servers their users and obeys their orders. Pokemon Trainers used to Participate in a different type of tournaments. One of the best reason for the popularity of the show is a different kind of Cute Pokemon which fight each other. Some are too powerful, while some are weakest to fight.

Pokemon Fans always debate which pokemon are Charming and best. Everyone gives a different opinion about Pokemon cuteness, but we created a list for you. We created a list of top cute pokemon ever. We listed Cute Pokemon pictures below.

Cute Pokemon List with Cute Pokemon Pictures

We Listed our Top 20 Cute Pokemon. Cute Pokemon pictures along with Text are listed below. These Cute Pokemon Pictures Will Melt your heart.

20 – Shaymin


Shaymin is an Adorable version of Sonic the Hedgehog. This IV Generation Pokemon is Grass type pokémon Covered with soft fur and Pink adorable flower on the head. There are a bunch of leaves on its head which makes this grass type pet eye relaxer. Shaymin can sense the gratitude of others, and it communicates with telepathy.

19 – Lillipup


Lillipup is ideal pokemon for dog lovers. Fur covered his face, and his body is the Puppy-like. Lillipup has three toes on his every paw. His short tail and Tiny leg make him Sweet pokemon. Lillipup is fifth-generation pokemon.

18 – Mareep

Cute Pokemon Mareep

This second-gen pokemon is electric. Mareep is a sheep-like pokemon which contain a tail with Bulb. This bulb allows her to give a terrifying electric shock to anyone. A small curly wave of Fur on her head makes her cute. Her body is full of Fluffy Fur.

17 – Emolga


Emolga is a cute flying squirrel. Her color is Black and white with patches of Yellow color. She lives in trees and holes. She is an electric type Pokemon like Pikachu. she has also known as “Flying squirrel Pokemon.” one of the fan favorite pokémon.

16 – Clefairy


Clefairy is a Tiny, Round and Pinkish sweet starter pokemon. She looks gorgeous with her round curly hairs on her head. Her eyes are fresh and tiny. In second-generation series, she was introduced.

15 – Bulbasaur


Bulbasaur is one of the most loyal starter pokemon. He has four short legs and a Seed on his back. This bulb contains seed Which gives him energy and power through photosynthesis. He is very loyal to Ash. in Super Smash bros this pokemon is playable. He absorbs energy from sunlight, which makes his seed grow larger.

14 – Togepi


Togepi is the 2nd Generation and Fairy-type Pokemon. She acts like crying baby and lives in the forest. She grew up from Egg, and that egg cant is a permanent part of her body. She can release poison from spikes on her head. With Small body and round body, she looks beautiful. Togepi is loyal to her trainer Misty.

13 – Skitty

Cute Pokemon Skitty

Skitty is a fan favorite cute Furry Cat. Pink and cream color fur covers her body. She is one of the best Pokemon of May. This Feline creature is the third generation Pokemon. She is one of the Cute pokemon we have seen in the show.

12 – Jirachi


Jirachi usually Lives in Mountains, and it’s hard to find her. She is a rare pokemon. Her name “Jirachi” is made with Russian and Japanese words, which means happiness, wish, and Fortune. Jirachi has three wish tags on her body. She can grant wishes. Her yellow and white color mixed body makes her beautiful.

11 – Snorlax


Snorlax is probably laziest pokemon in the show. All he does is snoring, Sleep all day, and when he wakes up, he starts eating food. This Fat creature looks cute when he sleeps. His mouth contains only two teeth which are visible on his face. His Round belly includes Fat and food is everything for him. Snorlax is Famous in video games and pokémon game.

10 – Teddiursa


Teddisursa have much resemblance with real-life teddy bears. There is a Moon diagram on his head. His black eyes and small nose makes him cute charm pokemon. When he gets angry, he grows bigger. Teddiursa can create its honey by using pollen. He debuted in the second generation in pokémon game

9 – Dratini


Dratini is a Snake-like creature, but actually, he is baby Dragon. He is rare, and it is not easy to catch him. He did debut in the first generation. His head is covered fins. One of his ability is to mold his skin, which increases his size, energy, and he grows bigger. His innocent eyes make him Cute pokemon.

8 – Vulpix


Vulpix is Famous and known as “Fox Pokemon” and “alolan ninetails” there are nine tails in her body. She is a fire type pokemon. alolan vulpix can evolve into nine tails. alolan ninetails can expel fire inside her body by her mouth. alolan vulpix is a super cute baby fox. Her head contains curly orange fur.

7 – Eevee


Eevee is a fan favorite and loveable creature in the show. He is famous and influential pokemon in the show. He can evolve into many Variations. eevee evolution is rarely found in the wild and depends on the environment. His brown eyes, Bushy Tail and brown fur, makes everyone fall in love with him. eevee evolution has a special place in the Show.

6 – Growlithe


Growlithe is a charming tiger-like pokemon. His body contains pretty cute Bold Black Patterns like a tiger. He is Loyal, Friendly to his trainer. He made debut in the first generation. He can transform into Arcanine in video games. He protects his trainer and its territory fearlessly. He is one of the cutest pokémon in the show.

5 – Minccino


This Pokemon can evolve into Cinccino. Minccino is furry, and he has long furry ears and Tails. He hates dirt and loves to Clean its surrounding environment. He uses his tail like a broom to clean its home and surrounding environment. This grey creature is super cute pokemon who loves to clean.

4 – Charmander


Charmander is a Cute dinosaur-like lizard. His specialty is to spit flames. If his Burning flames ever get cold, he will die. He looks adorable with his cute voice in anime. In Anime, his trainer abandoned him. If his tale is burning brightly, it means he is happy and feeling joy.

3 – Squirtle


Squirtle is a water type turtle Pokemon. His legs are short, and his body contains hard Shell. He can withdraw into the shell for sleeping purpose. One of his water type abilities is to spit water through mouth. Squirtle is popular in pokemon fans and one of the three first-generation pokemon.

2 – Mew


Mew is extremely rare legendary pokémon pokemon. Her baby blue eyes and pink fur with a tale makes her cute pokemon. She is mythical pokemon legendary pokémon and one of the first generation. This blue eyes beauty is widely considered as one of the most powerful pokémon of all time. This mythical pokemon contains DNA of almost every Pokemon.

1 – Pikachu


Pikachu is easily the most popular Pokemon. This tiny yellow brat is electric type pokemon. His chubby body, Small rounded arms, beautiful cheeks, and eyes make him Cutest pokemon in the show. Wild Pikachu usually lives in forests. He is Ash’s Favourite pokemon and right-hand buddy. His zig-zag tail gives high static electric shocks. He is easily the best and pokémon of all time