If you find access to a secret stadium a little bit difficult, we are here to give you the easiest chance. It’s pretty simple because we know season 5 has brought you more locked doors and keypads and what else you would want more than warzone stadium code. Here in this blog, we will share detailed information on this. Let’s have a look

What is COD: Warzone Stadium Code?

The stadium is wide open and designed with full features and loot-filled pavilions. Stadium bunkers won’t be more than usual warzone bunkers. Warzone stadium access code and key cards are a big part of getting most of the inside system. There is a time constraint where everything is involved and finding out access codes in a warzone requires your focus from the moment of drop. You need to get it done quickly and remain focused to get success. Here we will share everything regarding Warzone stadium Keycards and access codes.

How To Access The Warzone Stadium Keycards?

People who have been addicted to Call of Duty Warzone for so many years would be familiar with red access keycards found in Warzone bunkers. P216, CL19, and EL21 blue keycards should be a breeze. Everyone else you pick up for the card will show it up on the left-hand side for the bottom right next to health and armor. EL is executive-level, CL is concourse level, and P2 is parking level 2. Every key will appear on the level, and if you are going for all three and final, then the stadium access code would be required for the team to split up and take it all for once. These keys only exist for the first five minutes of the game or when the first ring starts to close.

Get To Know About The Warzone Stadium Door Locations

There are four keycard doors. Green one represents the final locked door that needs the code generated by three computers. Other keys lock one in each room. The key name refers to the level where the respective door is on. EL/Executive level, CI/Concourse Level, P2/Parking Level 2 to make it easier for you. 

EL21 Warzone Location: Top floor

The EL21 keycard opens the door on the top floor of the stadium on the southeast side. It’s a circular one that runs around the stadium to see it eventually. 

P216 Location: Parking Garage

It’s the lowest level of the stadium, where the P216 keycard door is in the northwest corner. Head down the slope to where you need to go once in the garage.

CL19 Location: Middle floor

The corner of the bar finds it in the club lounge. You should search this in the middle level for the CL19 door.

Take An Overview Of Warzone Stadium Access Code

If you want to access the eight-digit code to the stadium, then Warzone players need to access all the three keycards for doors EL21, P216, and CL19. These keycards are incredibly tricky to find the spawn across the stadium in random loot. These keycards appear for a small duration where players reportedly said keycards disappeared when they were not collected for a long duration. 

Players can only carry one keycard at a time, which is extremely necessary to know how to play with the team. These three keycards require a bit of luck that will appear as random loot drops inside the stadium. Once the keycard is found, the player needs to head over to the designated room of the card.

These concerned rooms contain a computer that reveals an eight-digit code. The entire code can’t require players to go through all the rooms. This is because codes are displayed on the computer screens, which are camouflaged with symbols. All of these three codes are combined to reveal one eight-digit code.