Ever since the onset of COVID, people have been relying on the internet more than ever.  No doubt, our WiFi routers have been doing some series overtime. They keep our smart home connected and help us stream our favorite content, work, learn and play games online.

If you have an old and outdated router model and you are relying on your internet more than ever, it’s time for an upgrade. We are here to help you pick the one that does a great job for you and your wallet. Let’s get check out the options in some routers suitable for home internet.

1: Asus RT-AX86U

The Asus RT-AX86U is a Wi-Fi 6 powerhouse with excellent speeds and gaming capabilities. It also comes with a wealth of customization options. Another great thing is that it is one of Spectrum WiFi routers.

It’s also a great option for securing your entire home network against intrusions and malware. AX86U is quite easy to set up and configure. It offers a 90 ft range but performs best at a distance of 50 feet, which makes it a reasonable choice for medium-sized homes.

2: TP-Link AC1750

If you are looking for something affordable, then TP-Link AC1750 is not a bad option. It’s difficult to buy cutting-edge technology on a tight budget, but tools like the TP-Link are one of the brands that make it easier.

The TP-Link AC1750 is the finest well-rounded router featuring dual-band technology and high-speed bandwidth support. It’s perfect for small homes and apartments. If you’re concerned about compatibility with ISPs, this purchase will also be simple. Major providers are compatible with the TP-Link AC1750. Not to mention this dual-band router is capable of supporting up to 1,750 Mbps speed.

3: Netgear Nighthawk RAXE300

Nighthawk RAXE300 router features the futuristic wing-shaped antenna design that most of the models by Netgear already feature. RAXE300 was introduced to deliver the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology to more households. RAXE300 is a strong communication router that can handle speeds up to 7.8Gbps and cover households up to 2,500 square ft.

The 6hz band of this router allows it to handle heavy traffic, minimize latency and take care of congestion. This is great if you want to enjoy a lag-free gaming session or stream 4k videos.

4: ASUS RT-AC1200

If you work from home and you need to be connected to the internet, then you need a router that doesn’t fail in desperate times. ASUS RT-AC1200 is packed with value and features, which makes it a nice investment for a home network.

It features dual-band technology and supports a data transfer rate of 1,200 Mbps. It’s also one of the most cost-effective routers on the market, and it’s simple to set up.

5: Google Nest WiFi

Google WiFi remains one of the best wireless routers on the market today. However, if you have invested in smart home appliances, then Google Nest WiFi is the finest option out there.

Nest WiFi is not a modem. If you have to plug it into the modem you have. It’s so powerful that it can handle 50+ devices connected to the wireless network. You won’t even have to worry about sharing the bandwidth as you stream HD videos.

A single Nest WiFi router can cover around 2200 square ft on its own, while each WiFi point can cover about 1800 square ft. ISN’T this great!

Tips to Choose the Right Router for Yourself

Can’t decide which router to invest your money in? These tips will help you narrow down your options:

Determine Your Budget

The very thing you need to be certain about is how much you want to spend on the router.  Make sure the budget you determine allows you to buy a router that can meet your needs and perform well.

Check If the Router Supports Your Internet Speed

You would want to buy a router that supports a speed greater than current your internet package. This boosts your chances of getting the fast speed even if you’re connecting several devices and people at the same time. Also, let’s say you upgrade your internet speed, at least your new router would be able to support the speed!

Don’t forget that most routers these days offer speeds at 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz frequencies. But the thing is most devices do not use both of these Wi-Fi frequencies simultaneously. Therefore, the total speed of a router can be misleading. Do check the maximum speed supported by each band before making the decision.

Consider Customization and Optional Features

These days, router brands are releasing lots of additional features to provide the best online experience to their buyers. So, don’t mind elevating the features they are promising. Don’t forget to consider the customization option if that’s important to you.

Finally, settle for the router that supports the fastest speed and promises optimal performance so that you can have a great online experience.